Happy Valentine’s Day!

by zbrain on February 14, 2012 in abstracts,photography

Happy Valentine's Day!

Between my day job as a technologist, and the cold, short days, there isn’t much of outdoor photography that I get to do during the winter months, in the New York area. Well, at least that is my excuse and I’m sticking to it. However, opportunities abound in and around the house, where almost anything and anyone is fair game for me and my Canon camera.

Besides being a lot of fun, it allows me to hone my camera skills and I get to know all of the equipment I own, a lot better. One of my ongoing themes is abstracts, where I’m only limited by my imagination. On the occasion that my imagination does limit me – happens quite a lot ;) – I look for inspiration from fellow togs, books or the expansive internet.

So it was perfect timing, what with Valentine’s day on the horizon, when I stumbled across Anna The Red’s post on how to make a heart shaped egg. A few boiled eggs later, I had two hearts on a red silicone pan, beating as one ;)

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